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Sample Data

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Fragment 1: Em communicates the nature of her problem (Ln. 1-24)

Green text background indicates that the action in the following gloss occurs at this point Yellow text background indicates a hyperlinked framegrab. Blue text background indicates a hyperlinked text referred to by the participants during the talk.


1   Em:   ... so. (1.2) ((Em covers her face with

2        hand)) I: am confu:sed no:w(a), ((Em

3        hunches shoulders, tilts head forward,

4        and stares at J))

5   J:   you're conf(hh)used ha, ((J smiles

6        slightly))

7   Em:  you've got >a great little plan ((Em

8        waves her hand over text #1)) this is

9        great this is awesome<,((Em points at the

10       divisions of text #1)) but /na/- ((Em

11       touches her hand on stack A)) it's- (0.2)

12       ((Em smacks her hand on stack B)) I don't

13       understand. ((Em touches her forehead))

14  J:   you [don't understand how I,]

15  Em:      [>I mean I understand<  ] what you

16       wrote. ((Em lays her hand on text #1))

17  J:   right.

18  Em:  ((Em lays her hand on stack A)) but to

19       apply it to what ((Em puts hand on chest))

20       I'm doing (.)((Em touches stack A)) what

21       I've done ((Em circles hand slightly over

22       stack A towards herself)) what I thought

23       ((Em flips her hand palm up)) I had in my

24       head.