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Fragment 21: Crutch

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Fragment 3.3: Debrief

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Fragment 2.7: Crutch

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Fragment 2.2: Crutch

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Fragment 3.4: Debrief

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Fragment 2.8: Crutch

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Fragment 2.3: Crutch

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Figure 6

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Fragment 2.9: Crutch

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Fragment 2.4: Crutch

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Fragment 3.1: Debrief

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Fragment 2.5: Crutch

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On competence and intersubjective agency: A post-cognitive perspective

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Fragment 3.2: Debrief

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Fragment 2.6: Crutch

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Markee, N (2016). Teaching English as a foreign language in the glocalized contexts of South East Asia and Thailand. Plenary presentation, ThaiTESOL, Khon Kaen, Thailand, January 29, 2016.

PDF icon ThaiTesol Plenary 2016.final_.pdf, File 2. TBLT_lesson_plan.final_.short_.docx, File 3. TBLT_lesson_plan.final_.long_.docx

Markee, N. (2016). Understanding the need for educational innovation in the newly-integrated ASEAN. Lower Mekong Initiative Professional Communication Skills for Leaders Forum Bangkok, Thailand. January 21, 2016.

PDF icon 1. ASEAN administrators.pdf, File 2. Handout ASEAN administrators.docx

Markee, N. (2016). Lesson planning and classroom management: Two sides of the same coin. Webinar hosted by the Distance Learning Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand. January 26, 2016. Version 2

PDF icon 1. Webinar Thailand 2016.Final_.pdf, File 2. TBLT_lesson_plan.final_.short_.webinar.docx, File 3. TBLT_lesson_plan.final_.long_.webinar.docx

Markee, N. (2016). Lesson planning and classroom management: Two sides of the same coin. Plenary presentation, LaoTESOL, Vientiane, Laos, February 5, 2016. 

PDF icon 1. LaoTESOL.2016.1.Final_.pdf, File 4.1. TBLT_lesson_plan.final_.long_.LaoTESOL.docx

Book chapter/Article

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